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Symmons Heritage: Our Commitment to Plumbing Innovation

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Symmons has a long-standing history of innovation as a manufacturer of high-quality, American-made solutions to complex plumbing problems. 

The invention of the Temptrol® valve in 1939 disrupted plumbing technology with the first ever pressure-balancing valve to prevent scalding. Prior to the valve, changes in a building’s water pressure due to flushing a toilet or running a faucet could cause water temperatures in a shower fixture to become unsafe.


During World War II, Symmons supplied essential parts for the construction of US Naval torpedoes, even receiving an award for product excellence. This led to several projects with the U.S. Navy. Symmons spearheaded the creation of shower valves for federal projects and military barracks, as well as the provision of supplies for essential weapon construction.



Throughout the decades, Symmons has manufactured high quality, easy-to-install products to clients to ensure long-term value. Unlike other competitors, a key feature of the Symmons shower valve is the ability to upgrade the trim as frequently as desired without having to replace the valve. This ensures flexibility in design throughout the lifetime of a property. The iconic Origins® Tub/Shower Valve and Trim is synonymous with this feature and is a top-selling product line.

Plumbing Innovation Today: Introducing the Symmons Design Studio™

In 2002, plumbing innovation literally took on a brand new form. The Symmons Design Studio™ was born out of offering to create one-of-a-kind products and fixtures to fill a client’s specific needs. Today, Design Consultants across North America work with architects, designers, and property owners to bring unique ideas to life in four steps:

  1. With client collaboration, sketch the client’s vision for a fixture.
  2. The sketch leads to 2D realistic renderings along with 3D plastic models of the fixture.
  3. Symmons engineers create metal mock-up samples to ensure manufacturability.
  4. Once the mockups are approved, all fixtures are manufactured and delivered on time and on budget.


Previous custom projects include faucets, tub/showers, and accessories for the Algonquin Hotel in New York City, the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas, Boston’s Liberty Hotel, the Mandarin Oriental in New York, and more.

In many cases, Design Studio products inspired originality that became permanent components. One example is the Waikiki Street Air Gap Faucet created for the Ritz-Carlton Residences in Honolulu, Hawaii. In accordance to the design team’s wishes, Symmons simplified the sleek faucet, eliminating the separate air gap knob that often gets in the way on the countertop while preventing backflow from the dishwasher should a sink clog.


Add value to your next project with plumbing products that are built to last, designed to stand out and backed by a customer-first culture. Looking for quality fixtures without the “off-the-shelf” feel? Contact a Design Consultant today to learn how you can bring custom solutions to your next project.

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