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When Is It Time to Change Out a Shower Valve?

Your shower valve may be one of the last things you think about, yet it's an important part of your shower. Learn the signs that indicate that your shower valve should be replaced.

Shower valves may not be a part of your building that you think of on a regular basis. Over time, you may notice that things just aren’t running as well as they should. Perhaps customers report hearing some odd noises, or there’s a bit of a leak, or perhaps you’ve recently done some upgrades that make the bathrooms look outdated. This is particularly noticeable when you’re doing a major upgrade, where it’s important to keep things consistent to make maintenance easier on your team.

Here are some questions that will help you determine when it’s time to change out your shower valves.

Are Your Showers in Adequate Working Condition?

Customer complaints about shower leaks or repair requests on a fairly regular basis is a good indication that your shower valves are in need of an upgrade. Other clues that your showers may need some adjustments include:

  • Unusual sounds or noises that seem to come from behind the shower wall
  • Customers are getting inconsistent water temperatures when they take a shower
  • Customers have difficulty in “tuning in” just the right temperature when using the shower
  • The shower valve is leaking and causing other damage in the bathroom

One thing to keep in mind is that, if one customer is reporting a shower issue, there’s a strong chance other customers in the same building are experiencing the same issue, even if they don’t report it to you.

Is Your Bathroom Design Changing?

When you’re doing a major bathroom overhaul, you might discover that the new trim you’ve fallen in love with is not compatible with your current shower valve. Be sure to evaluate whether the trim you would prefer to upgrade to requires a shower valve that is both high-quality and can be easily re-trimmed in the future. If that is not the case, start by selecting a high-quality shower valve first that also offers plentiful design options for trim. Plus, replacing your current shower valve gives you an opportunity to upgrade some aging hardware while also gaining new functionality that is now available.

Could Your Showers Use Some New Features?

New shower valve options can enhance your guest’s or tenant’s showering experience. You may discover that this new functionality represents options you never knew existed! For instance, you can get by with a simple tub spout diverter, but these are extremely clunky and can be difficult to reach or pull. However, getting a shower valve with an integral diverter provides added convenience and a streamlined look. Integrated diverters are convenient, attractive, and offer a much better way to divert the flow of water from the tub to shower.

Is Shower Maintenance Easy?

Shower maintenance can be a challenge, especially in a community setting where tubs and showers get a lot of heavy use. Knobs may be pushed or pulled in the wrong direction, causing them to become weaker and leak over time. This can lead to a maintenance nightmare, especially if you started with lower-quality shower valves and other fittings. Investing in a higher quality valve system for your shower allows you the peace of mind that comes with easy maintenance, as these durable options will last without defects for decades. Some shower valves can be easily re-trimmed from in front of the shower wall without breaking up surrounding tile, adding long-term value to your property.

If you’re worried about shower maintenance, updating the look of your bathrooms, or hearing some odd sounds behind your shower walls it may be time for an upgrade. There are dozens of updated shower valve options to fit any design aesthetic and style that you need. Learn more about the Symmons Temptrol® shower valve, which has been installed in over 15 MIL showers across the globe.

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