The Temptrol Valve

Learn about our revolutionary pressure-balancing, anti-scald mixing valve technology.

High Quality Pressure Balancing Technology

Every Symmons tub and shower system features the legendary Temptrol® pressure balancing, anti-scald mixing valve. Constructed of solid brass, bronze and stainless steel, and features an adjustable piston that instantly and continually equalizes or “balances” the hot and cold water pressure as demands are made elsewhere in the plumbing system.

Symmons Temptrol® Valve puts an end to Shower Shock* and provides a safe, comfortable shower every time.

*Shower Shock refers to the sudden and dangerous change in temperature that occurs when you’re showering and someone else flushes a toilet or runs hot water elsewhere in the plumbing system.

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  • Brass, bronze and stainless steel design
    Allows prefabrication without valve disassembly
  • Operates to ASSE 1016 at 1.5 gpm
    Safe use of water conserving showerheads
  • Temperature limit stop
    Fine-tune to fractions of a degree
  • Optional integral diverter in valve
    Easily remodel from tub/shower to shower only
  • Any premium Symmons trim can be easily installed in front of the wall
    Save time and money when upgrading bathrooms

Symmons S-Lever


Experience the Power of a Better Shower

The S-Lever allows you to control the water volume from a central location on the shower trim. Keeping style in mind, the S-Lever is integrated into the design and is situated with the shower handle for ease of use. This lever can divert water between the shower and tub, or adjust the water volume from the showerhead.


In tub/shower configurations, the S-Lever diverts the water between the shower and the tub.


For shower only configurations, customize your showering experience by adjusting the water volume coming from the showerhead by moving the S-Lever.


Easily re-trim the Temptrol Valve when it is time for a bathroom renovation. The Temptrol® valve is compatible with a wide variety of trims, making design options unlimited. If you start with Symmons, staying with Symmons will save you time and money over the life of your property.

Temptrol Commercial

Temptrol Commercial tub and shower trims are constructed of high quality heavy duty metal components and are powered by Symmons Temptrol valve.

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Formerly known as the Temptrol Collection, Origins is the transformation of three core product lines, combining high quality with a fresh design for cost-efficient faucets & showers.

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