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Top Architecture Trends of 2017: Hospitality Edition

top architecture trends 2017 hospitality

The year 2017 promises to be an innovative one for architects and designers. Top architecture trends could potentially change the landscape of hospitality architecture forever. We’ve highlighted four need-to-know trends below.

1. Greenery

We predict this Pantone color of the year will be making appearances in many hotel projects in 2017. From wall paint to hotel room accents, Pantone described this year’s pallet as a color snapshot of what we see taking place in our global culture. Whether Greenery is incorporated into your color scheme or larger eco-friendly projects, you’ll want to keep this trend on your radar.


2. Supportive Infrastructure

Whether they’re traveling for business or pleasure, guests expect to remain fully connected during their stay. This goes beyond providing wireless internet access. Because travelers expect to have the comforts of home, like streaming video on demand and multiple mobile devices, architects need to design spaces that support this infrastructure.


3. Connected Products

Connected products increase productivity and customer satisfaction. Integrated technologies like Schindler’s PORT Technology provide architects with design flexibility. Features like touch-less operation and predictive call entry improve traffic flow. The ability to personalize service and control building access make PORT Technology the ideal method of modernizing buildings.


4. Remodel Rather Than Build

Planning an expansion used to mean that hotels needed to fund new construction. Remodeling a building in its current location often provides time- and cost-saving advantages that make it an attractive strategy. Doing so also fuels a reduction in market risk because of the hotel’s proven history and established location; another reason you’ll be seeing projects that convert historic buildings into hotels.

From a former religious institution in Syracuse to a now-defunct sailors’ hostel in Seattle, architects are infusing historic buildings across the United States with new life. Challenges arise when architects must work within the parameters of specialized codes. By melding expected modern conveniences while keeping the integrity of the building intact produces inspired results. In Chicago for instance, the Chicago Athletic Association was converted into a 241-room hotel, Hyatt The Loop Chicago Hotel, featuring Symmons faucets. Inside, iconic design features, such as the oversized fireplaces and dark wood, coexist with modern touches like the hotel’s sports-themed bar and a rooftop terrace.

Design and architectural trends for 2017 embrace innovative technology and breathe new life into existing structures. Award-winning ideas that marry the two concepts promise to deliver trend-setting results.

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