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Welcome Family Adventurers with Kid-Friendly Hotel Features

kid-friendly hotel room amenity ideas

Your hotel guests come from all walks of life. You may have couples on their honeymoons, business professionals attending seminars, or a group of friends out for a night on the town. Yet don’t forget to include family adventurers when thinking about special design considerations for guest rooms and suites.

Some hotels near local attractions and kid-friendly resorts cater to small and large families who are looking for a comfortable place to stay. Let’s take a look at some room amenities that traveling families desire.

Fully Equipped In-Suite Kitchenettes for Extended Stays

Certain hotels offer special discounted rates if a family extends their stay at the location. So you may find large family groups on 7-day to 14-day vacations. In these circumstances, families want a hotel room that feels like home, where they can all sit down and watch television, play games, and eat a family dinner together.

Kitchenettes are highly popular for families. Families can have a quiet meal together and save money on food costs while making healthier meal choices. Some hotel room layouts feature a small kitchen space with an island and another small area such as a breakfast nook or dining area off of the living room space.


The Symmons® Sereno® Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet allows guests to quickly prepare meals and refill glasses while blending in perfectly with the hotel room theme.

Kid-Friendly Bathrooms for Ease of Use

Just like home bathrooms, hotel bathrooms easily become cluttered when families go on vacations. From washcloths scattered around the sink to toothpaste spilled on the edge of basins, the hotel sink area should be designed with plenty of storage spaces and accessories.

Have small cabinets where they can place makeup, electric razors, and other toiletries so the bathroom area doesn’t become disorganized. Also, lower profile sink basins and hand towel racks make it easier for smaller guests to reach the sink when washing hands and faces off before eating dinner.


The Symmons Dia® Towel Shelf with Bar provides ample towel storage to help families keep their towels separate from one another and dry.


The Dia wall-mounted soap dish frees up coveted counter space and gives the elusive soap bar a dedicated home.

Relaxing Bathrooms to Soak Away in Luxury

When it comes time to wash away the day’s aches, there is a range of different shower and tub options to fit into any hotel design schema. Shower/tub combinations are the most popular set up. Small children can splash and play in the bath before older teens jump in for a quick wash in the shower.

Soaking tubs for couples looking for the spa amenities right in their guest room can also be considered. When it comes to fixtures, shower/hand shower systems with multiple spray options, as well as rain showers affixed to the ceiling, can add a touch of luxury and elegance into the bathroom space while still accommodating younger guests.


A Symmons Museo® Tub/Shower/Hand Shower System features a fixed showerhead and two-mode hand shower system. The hand shower can help target sore muscle areas or rinse off younger children while they are bathing.

With families looking to have a great vacation, you want to make sure that they book your hotel year after year when returning to the area. These hotel design ideas will please your guests who may have small children and older teens in tow. You can create the ultimate guest room experience that is more organized and catered to their family needs.

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